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Being autistic, I have found it difficult to establish relationships with individuals on and off the spectrum. Between the two, I have found it extremely difficult to establish relationships with others on the autism spectrum...because let’s face it, most of us are not exactly putting ourselves out there socially. However, the relationships I do have with others on the spectrum are comfortable and fulfilling....as I feel free to be myself and do not have to deal with the pressure and anxiety of appearing "normal".

After conducting an online search in an attempt to meet others on the spectrum, I found that every "dating" or social media site out there has been created by people not on the spectrum. In particular, the dating sites I have found created for ASD individuals are riddled with puzzle pieces, ribbons (if I see one more puzzle piece ribbon website, I am going to explode), and statements that paint people on the spectrum as sad, lonely, "disabled" people. I found this very upsetting. This is why I decided to introduce the first dating/social media site FOR people on the spectrum created BY people on the spectrum.


Not only did I want to create a website for people on the autism spectrum to connect, but I also wanted to create the first compatibility test for people on the spectrum. Each one of us are unique. Some of us are introverted, quiet types (I sure am), and some of us are outgoing types. Some of us can tolerate certain environments and some of us cannot. Some of us are verbal and some of us are non-verbal. Some of us are looking for romantic relationships and some of us are just looking for meaningful, long lasting friendships.


I designed the Spectrum Compatibility Test to match members based on a variety of spectrum attributes. After a member completes the test, the member is assigned a color based on the member's results (I am a Blue). The member is then matched with other members with the same color. Since some individuals may want to communicate with other colors on the spectrum, members have the option of including other colors on the spectrum in their match results. This can be done in the Profile Menu under My Spectrum.


With a bit of help, my idea has become reality. I suspect it is going to be a little slow going at first as the SpectrumSingles community grows. However, I are excited to help others on the spectrum connect and look forward to making some new friends myself. If you have any suggestions on how I can make the site even better, please visit The Forums and post your ideas and suggestions! Thank you and welcome to the SpectrumSingles family! 



Olivia Cantu

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